Reposted: 3 Truths to Remember When Crafting Child Characters

Take a look at this thoughtful – and thought-provoking – piece, readers:

3 Truths to Remember When Crafting Child Characters

Imagine that, for twenty-four hours, you’re limited to the use of half your vocabulary, your awareness of interpersonal subtext dims, and all your skills and strengths revert back to level one. On top of that, you shrink to the height of a hobbit. Carrying out your normal routine would be frustrating, wouldn’t it? But you would still have nearly the same internal experience. Your needs and desires wouldn’t disappear, only your ability to express and achieve those goals.

I’ve basically described the life of a child. As we age, our size, aptitude, self-awareness, and knowledge increases dramatically. Yes, our dreams evolve too. But we never transform into something (or someone) completely different, not on the inside. We maintain a general continuity from childhood to adulthood.

Why then do slews of books and films contain eerily capable miniature adults who brim with purity and wisdom, handling themselves with all the poise and confidence of expert socialites? Have we forgotten what being children is like? Or maybe we prefer to resort to Pollyannic stereotypes because that silhouette is easier to trace.

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