Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!

Click the link to learn more, readers: Scientists Announce a Physical Warp Drive Is Now Possible. Seriously. Humans are one step closer to traveling at faster-than-light speeds. BY CAROLINE DELBERT MAR 4, 2021 A new paper proposes a fully physically realized model for warp drive. This builds on an existing model that requires negative energy—an impossibility. The new model … Continue reading Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!

Booze in the Mud Room?!

Yet another alcoholic discovery has been made, readers! Click the link to learn more: New York: Bootleggers Whiskey Trove Found In Old House Jan 8, 2021 Ian Harvey When Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker bought a home in Ames, New York in September of 2019 they had heard rumors of bootleggers but considered it a … Continue reading Booze in the Mud Room?!

Reposted: The Fight Scene is the Last Scene

Check out this excellent piece by Kai Wai Cheah, readers! The Fight Scene is the Last Scene Action scenes are the most memorable aspects of any fiction. Fast-paced and intense, they sear themselves into the audience’s memories. Battles between the hero and the lesser mooks punctuate the plot, while the final showdown between the hero … Continue reading Reposted: The Fight Scene is the Last Scene

“That Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll…!”

Well, not entirely. Music players feature heavily in this article, but they are not the only “retro” technology receiving a boost in popularity. Follow the link to learn more about this trend as buyers turn to older machines, readers! Vintage technology: 'It sounds so much cleaner' By Michael Dempsey Air Vice Marshal Rich Maddison is … Continue reading “That Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll…!”