When Snakes Fly

Click the link to find out more about the paradise tree snake, readers! 'This is really, really freaky' | Scientists discover how paradise snakes fly Researchers at Virginia Tech studied how the the paradise tree snake glides through the air. Author: Miri Marshall Published: 2:06 PM EDT July 2, 2020 Updated: 2:20 PM EDT July 2, 2020 WASHINGTON … Continue reading When Snakes Fly

A Field of Wild Flowers

This author has made no secret of her abiding affection for and interest in Zoids: Chaotic Century*, a mecha anime released in Japan in 1999 which made its way to the United States in the early 2000s. Nor has she shied away from paying homage to the series (see her story in Unbound III: Goodbye, … Continue reading A Field of Wild Flowers

Reposted: 7 Misconceptions About Being a Writer

​Check out this great piece by K.M. Weiland, readers! Like any good story, the writing life is a tale of deceptive depth. At first glance, it offers up a shiny, artsy, fun cover. Become a Writer! its title beckons, and its first chapters lure us in by fulfilling all these initial promises. But the deeper we get, … Continue reading Reposted: 7 Misconceptions About Being a Writer

Antarctic Chapel

Click the link to learn more, readers: Inside Antarctica’s Catholic Ice Chapel, the World’s Southernmost Church by ChurchPOP Editor - Dec 30, 2015 Praising God at the South Pole! via adventure-network Antarctica is an amazing giant continent at the south pole of our globe. Braving winter temperatures of over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit below zero, a few thousand people … Continue reading Antarctic Chapel

Bulletin: Cirsova’s Summer Issue Is LIVE!!!

Cirsova Magazine’s Summer Issue is LIVE, readers! You can now purchase either the e-book* or paperback* copies of this great issue through these Amazon Affiliate links. When you do, Amazon will pay this author a small fee at no extra cost to you. The same will be true if you buy something completely different through … Continue reading Bulletin: Cirsova’s Summer Issue Is LIVE!!!

Birds of a Feather – Don’t Land?!

While this is relatively old news (the article came out in 2013), the information in this piece is still fascinating. According to this research, alpine swifts do not make contact with the ground for six months while they are wintering in Africa. This incredible feat is not fully understood, but it remains fascinating nonetheless. Learn … Continue reading Birds of a Feather – Don’t Land?!