Reposted: On Business and Politics

Take a look at this fantastic piece by Mr. Benjamin Cheah, readers: Where Politics and Business Collide April 20, 2020 In cyberpunk fiction, megacorps rule the world. But in our world, why would they? Old-school cyberpunk fiction was framed as a critique of hypercapitalism. Megacorporations have the same political clout as governments, if not more … Continue reading Reposted: On Business and Politics

Reposted: Keeping Fantasy Fantastic

Check out this excellent post by Cheah Kit Sun, readers: Fantasy Without Fantasy Modernity has ruined fantasy. At one end of the scale, there is the slice-of-life tale, with ordinary people doing ordinary things, just with some counterfactual elements. At the other end, there is a setting that appears totally foreign to our reality–and yet … Continue reading Reposted: Keeping Fantasy Fantastic

10 Exercises to Help Improve Your Writing Skills

Unless they are preternaturally gifted, most aspiring authors’ prose is less than stellar when they begin setting their stories down. This can be disheartening, and some writers throw in the towel after their first few attempts show no improvement. For those who persist, it can take time to identify which particular skills they need to … Continue reading 10 Exercises to Help Improve Your Writing Skills

On Theme – What It Is, and How It Affects Your Fiction

For most beginning writers, theme does not seem to be a particularly important part of the writing process. Some probably believe it just occurs organically. While that can and does happen, it is usually a rare occurrence. Though every storyteller has experienced it, this is not a reliable method to rely on for adding a … Continue reading On Theme – What It Is, and How It Affects Your Fiction