The Power of Story

“But this new component of the Guardians’ defenses, these ever-amassing stories, struck some deep and fearful alarm inside his [Pitch Black’s] dark heart. Spells, magic, jolliness, chocolate eggs, presents, elves, teeth – all the Guardians’ methods to fight his darkness were, to him, puny parlor tricks. But this power of story? He could not figure … Continue reading The Power of Story

Da Vinci’s Bridge

Check out this amazing bridge design created by that maestro of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years Later, MIT Proves That Da Vinci's Bridge Design Works If accepted at the time, the design would have likely revolutionized architecture. By David Grossman Oct 10, 2019 GRETCHEN ERTL In the early 1500s, Leonardo da Vinci designed a hypothetical bridge … Continue reading Da Vinci’s Bridge

Reposted: How to Have a Conversation

Check out this great article from Alexander Hellene at Amatopia: Here’s some life stuff that also applies to writing: Don’t talk about yourself all the time. Don’t bring every single conversation or point made back to something about you. Ask the other person a lot of questions. If other people are talking about something that … Continue reading Reposted: How to Have a Conversation