A Couple of Commencement Speeches from Denzel Washington

I have been impressed by Denzel Washington’s film performances for years, and the spliced together commencement speeches below testify to why. Enjoy them, readers! Denzel Washington's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches Ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM-MqsWjQd4


Ready for Launch…!

….Or it will be soon. Along with a number of other companies, Virgin Orbit is working hard on developing a plan to launch a rocket from the side of an airborne 747. Although they are not the first to try this, Virgin Orbit is definitely doing their best to pull ahead in the space race. … Continue reading Ready for Launch…!

9 Ways Being a Fan Can Hurt – And Help – Aspiring Authors Learn Their Craft

Previously, this author wrote an article explaining how fan fiction can assist an author in practicing his/her craft. For the aspiring writer, there are many benefits to be found within the genre and/or franchise he enjoys. Through fandom, for instance, beginning authors learn what makes a good story and what makes a poor one. Also, … Continue reading 9 Ways Being a Fan Can Hurt – And Help – Aspiring Authors Learn Their Craft

The Return of the Suicide Door

They’re back, baby! For a limited time, Lincoln will be installing rear-hinged (or “suicide”) doors on their 2019 Continentals in honor of the model’s 80th anniversary. The new Lincoln Continentals will cost a pretty penny, but I don’t think the buyers will have too many complaints when they can show off the cars’ suave “coach doors” … Continue reading The Return of the Suicide Door

The 3 Responsibilities All Authors Ought to Keep in Mind

Upon declaring her intention to become a published author someday, one of the questions that this writer always hoped/expected to be asked as a young girl was: “Why do you want to be a writer?” It was a bit disappointing when that question never came – not in the way this author expected or wanted … Continue reading The 3 Responsibilities All Authors Ought to Keep in Mind

Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas!

Contrary to popular belief, the twelve days of Christmas occur after December 25th, not before. Until Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome, decreed that the celebration of Christmas should replace the pagan feast of Sol Invictus, this holiest of nights was celebrated on January 6th. That’s also why the Catholic Church celebrates January 6th as … Continue reading Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas!