“These are the Tools…”

“…I am the weapon.” This pearl of wisdom has been proven true time and again, with the most recent case occurring in Afghanistan. In 2016 Sergeant Dipprasad Pun, of the 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles, was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for killing thirty Taliban fighters with various weapons he had to hand. Outnumbered … Continue reading “These are the Tools…”


Writing Advice from Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is a prolific author of what some like to call “supernatural suspense.” A Catholic writer, he has several insights into the craft of writing that are invaluable for aspiring storytellers. Having examined his work firsthand through his novels, I say this as one of his students, since analyzing his work has helped me … Continue reading Writing Advice from Dean Koontz

The Oldest Known Shipwreck in the World

Click the link to learn more, readers! World’s Oldest Intact Shipwreck Found – 2,400-yr-old ‘Ship of Odysseus’ Oct 24, 2018 Nancy Bilyeau Off the coast of Bulgaria, more than a mile beneath the surface of the Black Sea, a team of maritime archaeologists, scientists and surveyors has discovered what could be the world’s oldest intact … Continue reading The Oldest Known Shipwreck in the World

Reposted: Is It Normal to Hate What You Write?

​Once again, I must leave you with another's post in place of my own Vocational Vivication article. Rest assured I will be returning soon, readers. Until then please enjoy Meg Dowell's article: Is It Normal to Hate What You Write? Have you ever stopped in the middle of working on an article or manuscript, backtracked … Continue reading Reposted: Is It Normal to Hate What You Write?