Now That Is a Dress!

Proposals today have become fairly elaborate endeavors. Now paying to have the name of one’s beloved written in the sky isn’t enough; men have put themselves in Disney movies and spelled out “will you marry me” with Christmas lights. But as the story below demonstrates, this is not a totally new trend: This Army wife's … Continue reading Now That Is a Dress!

The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Take a look at these fantastic photos of Mongolia’s remaining eagle hunters, readers: Stunning Lifestyle Photos of the Remote Mongolians who Hunt with Eagles Ian Harvey Jan 25, 2020 Mongolians have a special relationship with golden eagles. Ancient cultures often have traditions that are visually stunning to outsiders, and none may be more so than … Continue reading The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Is a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Coming Soon?

The United States Navy seems to think so. They have already patented the design. Check out the link below to learn more, readers! The Navy's Patent for a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Wild. The designs seemingly stretch the limits of science. By Jennifer Leman Oct 10, 2019 A patent filed by the U.S. Navy last month claims … Continue reading Is a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Coming Soon?

Reposted: How to Create Believable Character Flaws

Check out the latest great piece by Benjamin Cheah, readers! How to Create Believable Character Flaws Conventional wisdom states that characters should be flawed. Nobody can relate to perfect people. Flawed characters are more believable, more likely to gain the reader’s sympathies. But the conventional wisdom doesn’t teach how. In the hands of lesser writers, … Continue reading Reposted: How to Create Believable Character Flaws