Chinese Mummies…with Red Hair

“The Beauty of Xiaohe,” as this red-headed female mummy is known, was the first of the Tarim Basin mummies that this author learned about. Ever since that first article detailing the discovery of European mummies in China, she has maintained an interest in it. Unfortunately, however, this has not translated into constant monitoring of the … Continue reading Chinese Mummies…with Red Hair


Premature Baby Boy Breaks the Record…

…For being perhaps the smallest surviving child in the world. Born at twenty-four weeks, this Japanese boy is now at a healthy weight and has been discharged to the care of his family. The doctor who treated him wanted people to know “there is a possibility that babies will be able to leave the hospital … Continue reading Premature Baby Boy Breaks the Record…

A New Music Selection from Clamavi De Profundis

While investigating a different band of musicians, I happened across several videos by this group: Clamavi De Profundis. A family of singers who perform religious, classical, and other songs, they are particularly fond of Tolkien’s works (which is great for this author/fan 🙂 ). Below are the songs they have recorded so far which I … Continue reading A New Music Selection from Clamavi De Profundis