Is This a Challenge?

Because if it is, every science fiction author within reading distance of this site might be inclined to take it as such. I know I am! Check out Popular Mechanics to learn more about NASA’s nuclear-powered, tunneling sensor worm – and may you write many stories which include this interesting, fantastic tool, future authors! A … Continue reading Is This a Challenge?


An Amazing Plane – The Super Guppy

American ingenuity strikes again! This is one plane I want to see up close someday! Made in 1962, the plane that would eventually become the Super Guppy was designed to haul booster rockets for NASA. Transporting these items to the East Coast of the U.S. prior to this plane’s birth took eighteen days. But after … Continue reading An Amazing Plane – The Super Guppy

Interesting Facts about Butterflies

Learn more about this author’s favorite insect in the article below, readers: 30 Interesting Facts About Butterflies February 1, 2018 A San Francisco man saved a threatened butterfly species by replanting rare flora in his backyard, transporting caterpillars to his local botanical garden, where they began to make a comeback. –Source There is a species of butterfly that feeds … Continue reading Interesting Facts about Butterflies