Treasured Discovery in the Land of the Rising Sun

Many forget that when times are tough cash is a great asset. When the world goes crazy, hard currency can open doors which will remain firmly shut otherwise. That is why people throughout history have buried coins and other valuables in their backyards or kept them in hidden nooks in the houses, since they can … Continue reading Treasured Discovery in the Land of the Rising Sun

Meditating on Suffering with Wolverine

Check out this great article on Wolverine through the link below, readers. And if you get the chance, look up the episode "Nightcrawler" from the 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series. It is a wonderful installment that every Marvel fan should see at least once! How Wolverine and Wandering Can Lead us to Spiritual Regeneration this Lent … Continue reading Meditating on Suffering with Wolverine

Stalking the Wild

Learn more about this fascinating cat through the link below, readers:   COMMON NAME: Caracal SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caracal caracal DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Two feet to 3.5 feet long WEIGHT: 25 to 40 pounds IUCN RED LIST STATUS: ? Least Concern CURRENT POPULATION TREND: Unknown What is a caracal? This medium-size wildcat roams the savannas, deserts, and forests of much of Africa and … Continue reading Stalking the Wild