Reposted: Dysfunctional Families in Murder Mysteries

​Here is a thought-provoking post from author Christopher Lansdown's website: Dysfunctional Families in Murder Mysteries I was recently watching the Murder, She Wroteepisode It’s a Dog’s Life with my eldest son and it occurred to just how much dysfunctional wealthy families are a staple of murder mysteries. It’s not the wealthy part that’s at all surprising—it’s well known … Continue reading Reposted: Dysfunctional Families in Murder Mysteries


Man-Made Aurora – Coming Near You!

In the spirit of the season, take a look at this interesting article from Popular Mechanics, readers. I have never been blessed with the sight of an Aurora. The last time one came this far south was during the Civil War. Normally, Auroras “sing” – that is, they generate a high series of notes reminiscent … Continue reading Man-Made Aurora – Coming Near You!

Bulletin: Second Star to the Right….

….and straight on ‘til morning. One of my novelettes has been accepted by a publisher. The novelette, “Halcyon,” will be appearing in an issue of Cirsova Magazine next year. Thanks to the editor of Cirsova Magazine for this wonderful opportunity and for the professional, courteous communiqués. I am thrilled to be part of one of … Continue reading Bulletin: Second Star to the Right….

A Thanksgiving Day Meditation

Thanksgiving Day always struck this author as a rather sedate holiday. It falls directly between Halloween and Christmas, toning down the hype for the former and preparing for the avalanche of cheerful preparations for the holiest night of the year. Where Halloween is celebrated with costumes and games and Christmas in eager anticipation of gifts, … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Day Meditation