Reposted: Research for the Working Writer

This article is full of good advice, readers. Check it out! RESEARCH FOR THE WORKING WRITER “Help, I need sources!” Ah, the plea of the desperate student/grad-student/fiction writer in search of material or confirmation of some nugget, or a replacement for something that suddenly won’t work any more. Every so often the question arises about … Continue reading Reposted: Research for the Working Writer

Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Last week we discussed love among characters. This ranged from brotherly love (philia), or the affection between friends who are or can be as close as brothers, to romantic love. I was not able to express all my thoughts on romantic pairings last week and thus this post will contain those ideas. Previously, we discussed … Continue reading Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Reposted: Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is Bunk

A good thought from John C. Wright, readers!   Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is Bunk We were discussing Campbell’s conception that a wheel-shaped pattern called the Hero’s Journey underpins folk tale and myth for all foundational heroic stories, across all cultures and generations. I admit to be deeply unimpressed with Joseph Campbell’s writing, after reading three … Continue reading Reposted: Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is Bunk

Reposted: Vampirism and Other Afflictions

A thought-provoking reflection from Monalisa Foster, readers: Vampirism and Other Afflictions If you’ve been alive for more than a few decades, you’ve probably noticed that people change as they age. Executive brain function takes place in the pre-frontal cortex, a region of the brain that reaches maturity (stops changing) around the age of 25-26. If … Continue reading Reposted: Vampirism and Other Afflictions

Reposted – Business Musings: Advertising, Marketing, and Connection

A good reminder from Kristine Katheryn Rusch, readers: Business Musings: Advertising, Marketing, and Connection Posted: October 5, 2022 Kristine Kathryn Rusch Every time I turn around, someone is talking about advertising. It seems like every news story mentions it. Many of the magazines I subscribe to mention it. When I go on social media someone … Continue reading Reposted – Business Musings: Advertising, Marketing, and Connection

Reposted: Conflict + Choices = Character Agency

A thought-provoking article from Ms. K.M. Weiland, readers: Conflict + Choices = Character Agency Note From KMW: Character agency is a hot topic these days, but truly it was always an important topic for writers. Why? Because a character (particularly a protagonist) with no agency is a character who isn’t likely to be very interesting. More … Continue reading Reposted: Conflict + Choices = Character Agency

Reposted – GameLit: Not Just Written Games

A thoughtful and helpful reflection on GameLit (Game Literature) from Benjamin Cheah, readers: GameLit: Not Just Written Games Gamelit / LitRPG is one of the hottest literary genres on the market. It attempts to replicate the gaming experience in written form, taking the tropes of role-playing games and reproducing them on the page. As a … Continue reading Reposted – GameLit: Not Just Written Games