Stories have captivated Caroline Furlong from early childhood, but without her family’s encouragement, that fascination might have foundered long ago. She considers it a minor miracle that no one ever tripped over the toys she scattered as a child, setting up queens and sending out heroes on quests. Reading meant that the toys got taken out less, and when it came to writing at thirteen or fourteen, they had been surrendered to another.

But she continues to dream up realms and heroes, monsters and androids, almost every waking moment. They are her toys now, parading across paper rather than a carpet. The slightest suggestion – a word, a movie, a flower, or a ship – can bring a new one to mind. So, where there are dragons that talk and spaceships to fly, that’s where she will be.

Caroline enjoys history, reading, writing, swimming, traveling, astronomy, and classic cars. She lives in Virginia, U.S.A.