A Word from John C. Wright

Busy week, readers. I’ll be back soon, I hope. Until then, enjoy Mr. Wright’s post!

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Science Fantasy

We all know the difference between fantasy and science fiction. Fantasy has witches and wizards with magic powers, whereas in science fiction the exact same character doing the exact same thing is called a psychic or psionicist.

Fairy tales have monsters and science fiction has space monsters.

Fairy tales have absurd, unbelievable, impossible things like true love, heroic sacrifice, noble knights, holy hermits, and fair damsels chaste and pure, whereas science fiction has believable and realistic science things like time machines, mind reading, parallel worlds and faster than light drive.

When Gandalf the Gray returns from the dead, this is a miracle arranged by the Valar, the angelic powers of the world; but when Spock returns from the dead this is mumble mumble mind meld something something genesis torpedo something.

So far so good. But what of stories that have both?

My suggestion is that works with both science fictional and fantasy elements be categorized into genres by the theme and appeal of the invented world.

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