Too Tough to Die – Or Take Orders

War brings out the best and the worst in mankind, it seems. If you liked Sabaton’s newest song, “The Unkillable Soldier,” then you should enjoy the exploits of one Léo Major as well, readers. Click the link to learn more about this man’s amazing achievements!

Léo Major

How Léo Major Single-Handedly Liberated A Dutch City From The Nazis

By Wyatt Redd | Checked By John Kuroski

Published June 29, 2018

Updated September 10, 2018

The German guards on the outskirts of the city of Zwolle killed Léo Major’s friend. Then he killed them — and liberated the entire city on his own.

Léo Major had a knack for doing things alone — things that would be astounding were they accomplished by 50 men at once, let alone one.

Despite having just one good eye, this French-Canadian World War II soldier once captured 93 German soldiers on his own. Then he outdid himself by liberating an entire city from the Germans — once again, on his own.

And the deeper you dig into such accomplishments, the more unbelievable the story of Léo Major becomes…

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