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Reposted: Low to High

Rats. Readers, I planned to have another Writerly Sound Bites prepared for today, but that didn’t pan out. In lieu of that, I highly recommend reading Mr. J.D. Cowan’s post linked below. His article is informative and very on point; if you are a writer or wish to be one, this piece will be of great help to you.

I have to get back to work, but please feel free to look at the backlog here on my site, as well as view my newsletter here. Also, if you are looking for new fiction to read, check out my Bibliography to see what writing you can expect from me in the future. It might be Low Art, as Mr. Cowan describes it, but it aims High!

Low to High

How high can you go; how low can you go? Well, it’s a matter of perspective, even though our perspective is skewed these days. It would be better to wonder what being stuck in the middle feels like.
Building off last week’s subject, I wanted to talk a bit about the dichotomy between Low Art and High Art, what the terms represent, and both are essential for thriving artistic scenes. This subject has been coming up more and more in recent times, and after last week’s post on how we are currently trapped in pastiche and parody it should probably be reflected on, at least a little.
What is Low and High Art, and why are they both extremely important to have in any culture? The answer is simpler, and more complex, than one might realize.
Western culture has been so degraded by mindless subversion and adolescent snark masquerading as insight that we’ve even lost sight of what art itself consists of being about. We can’t even define what the definition of art is. Just attempt to ask some random person and you’ll get weak responses like “Everything is art!” or “Everybody has their own opinion on what makes art!” or the like. It’s very pedestrian, shallow, cowardly, and completely and utterly incorrect. This idea you have been taught about what art is fortunately has no bearing on reality.
Think about it. No one, not a single soul, honestly believes “Modern Art” is actually art. We all know this, even if we don’t say it out loud. It is a money laundering scam for hipster urbanites to get handout money while saying nothing and doing nothing except sniffing their own behinds and puffing their own chests. What they are making is not art, and everyone knows it, but we don’t say it because we’ve been trained not to think beyond the surface level.
And this precisely the problem!

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