Blade of the Stars

Whoa! Take a look at this fantastic piece of art, readers! This is amazing! If you are interested in the smith’s other work, then follow the link here to his website. The young man is truly talented and has a variety of blades available for purchase. As the article below explains, the knife that is … Continue reading Blade of the Stars

Review – Battle Shell: The Time Capsule and Vengeance

The reviews are coming, readers. Slowly, but they are coming! Today’s subject is a webcomic titled Barrel Shell, written by the aptly named SuperPencilMan. Available free on, the description reads thus: On a world much like our own, a great empire ruled over the lands below them in massive flying cities. Then, a cataclysm … Continue reading Review – Battle Shell: The Time Capsule and Vengeance

Temptation – and How to Beat It

Some considered, worthy advice, readers: A Gentle Reminder to Think Righteously: ‘Temptation of Sir Percival’ Achieving great things often means passing great tests. Our tests frequently deal with overcoming some type of hardship, and some of our greatest hardships are those in which our character is tempted. The “Temptation of Sir Percival,” a work by … Continue reading Temptation – and How to Beat It