The Bad Batch Returns

I am not looking for this stuff on purpose, readers, honest! It just finds me, no matter what I do to stay away from it!

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Clone Wars: “The Bad Batch” and the Dignity of the Human Person

Sci-Fi / By Thomas J. Salerno

Along with many other Star Wars fans, I was excited by the recent announcement that Disney Plus has ordered an animated spin-off series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars focusing on the exploits of Clone Force 99 – a.k.a. “The Bad Batch.” I thoroughly enjoyed the four-episode arc featuring this special-ops team of divergent clones and, in my opinion, these new characters were among the best things to come out of the seventh and final season of The Clone Wars.

One of the finest aspects of The Clone Wars as a series is how it effectively communicates the human cost and tragedy of war through the stories of the individual clone troopers. Unlike the Separatist armies which are mindless hordes of droids, the Grand Army of the Republic is composed of human beings. Even though they are clones bred in a laboratory and raised from childhood to engage in combat, the Republic’s soldiers are nevertheless individual persons with immortal souls and inherent dignity. The Clone Wars series generally, and the “Bad Batch” arc in particular, are striking for their compatibility with Catholic Church’s teaching on respect for the human person.

Clone Force 99 is composed entirely of individuals whose unique genetic quirks don’t conform to the standard Jango Fett template of all the other soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. As Commander Cody puts it: “They’re defective clones with desirable mutations.” Hence the moniker “The Bad Batch.” Team leader Hunter has heightened senses, including the ability to detect electromagnetic fields. Wrecker has super-strength. Tech, as his name suggests, has an uncanny knack for computers and electronics.

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