Alternate History Theorists, Unite!

I have to admit, the conspiracy theory described in this Popular Mechanics* article is news to me. Turn your head and squint a bit, though, and you can see it working as part of a Marvel Comics* story or even as an explanation for the Artomiques in the Wild Stars* universe. It certainly reminds this author of an episode in the 1990s Amazing Spider-Man* series!

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nazi ufo

This Conspiracy Says Hitler Had a Secret Anti-Gravity UFO—and the U.S. Stole It

Watch this deep dive into the wild legend of “Die Glocke.”


JUN 1, 2021

  • A new video takes a look at the conspiracy of “Die Glocke,” a purported Nazi Germany UFO/time machine hybrid.
  • According to legend, Die Glocke was one of the “wonder weapons” that German dictator Adolf Hitler developed in hopes to reverse the tide of World War II.
  • While any actual proof of Die Glocke is spotty at best, UFO enthusiasts have tried to link the machine to a mysterious crash in the 1960s in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

Did Nazi scientists, eager to devise a weapon that could throw back advancing Allied armies, create a time-traveling UFO to win World War II? Almost certainly not. Nevertheless, the legend of “Die Glocke” (“The Bell”) persists in conspiracy and UFO circles.

A new video from military historian Mark Felton, included below, explores the bell-shaped device that Adolf Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) paramilitary organization purportedly developed. However, sci-fi writers and hoaxers may have actually concocted the machine, plying the postwar reputation of Nazi scientists being capable of almost any technological feat.

Even though the Nazis lost World War II, they emerged from the war with an almost mythical reputation for high-tech weapons. Nazi tanks were often technically superior to Allied tanks; the Luftwaffe flew fighter jets in combat before the Allies did; and the V (for Vengeance) series of terror weapons, including the V-1 cruise missile and V-2 ballistic missile, made for terrifying, though strategically questionable, weapons.

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7 thoughts on “Alternate History Theorists, Unite!

  1. Of course, Robert A. Heinlein’s report on the first American trip to the Moon, titled Rocket Ship Galileo, revealed that the Nazi had a base on the Moon. 😀

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  2. Bat-s%$t conspiracy corner time:
    The Nazi’s bell was actually a device capable of moving through time itself. They sent a team back to the ancient era looking for proof of their mythical Aryan race, but seeing nothing there, decided to set up a research outpost in 2000 B.C. Stories of an advanced people in the region spread throughout the land and the legend of the Aryan people were born. Yes, it’s the Nazi Grandfather paradox theory. You’re welcome.

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  3. One of my more insane ideas for a story (for of all things, a RPG/wargame) was that the Nazis developed a technology that allowed them do get 95% of the thrust of a solid core nuclear thermal rocket, but get the radiation shielding levels of a “lightbulb” or closed core engine. As the war ended, the US got the scientists that developed the technology, and the Russians got the machinery that built it, both used it to expand outwards in classic rocketpunk style, with missions going all over the inner Solar System and starting to head out to Jupiter and such…

    …only to discover that the survivors of the SS and the Japanese Black Dragon Society had secretly colonized Titan and a few of the other moons of Jupiter and Saturn. They had been using hidden rocket bases in South America to move supplies and equipment and the occasional group of people around. Later, they used ballistic capsules and shipping company fronts to do the moving.

    Around the early 1980s, the war started far earlier than the Fourth Reich planned (they were aiming for the mid-to-late 1990s and enough of a fleet to win a quick campaign), and hilarity did ensue.

    (One of the greatest comedy moments in the story was that around the mid-50s, there was a nasty flu outbreak on Titan and it pretty much got rid of most of the German girls and Japanese boys, something like nearly 80% of them. And, for some reason, female births were slightly higher than male births after that. When we hit the 80’s when the big war started, you had a lot of the second and upcoming third generation with probably a German father and a Japanese mother…yes I wanted to have a reason to have cute Japanese girls in SS uniforms…)

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