A Case of Mistaken Identity

Click the link to learn more: Viking Ring Found in Polish Stronghold is Actually Rare Christian Artifact Jan 17, 2020 Ian Harvey What was thought to be a Viking ring has turned out to be something else entirely. Even highly-trained professionals sometimes see what they expect to see, instead of what’s actually there, at least … Continue reading A Case of Mistaken Identity

Now That Is a Dress!

Proposals today have become fairly elaborate endeavors. Now paying to have the name of one’s beloved written in the sky isn’t enough; men have put themselves in Disney movies and spelled out “will you marry me” with Christmas lights. But as the story below demonstrates, this is not a totally new trend: This Army wife's … Continue reading Now That Is a Dress!

“Blessed Are the Merciful, for They Shall Obtain Mercy”

Heroism often flowers in the most horrible situations and places. The story of Teresio Olivelli is one of the more recent reminders of this truth. Despite straying into the darkness of Fascism and Nazism, Teresio quickly abandoned both ideologies when their true aims became apparent. He began working against both the German Nazis and the … Continue reading “Blessed Are the Merciful, for They Shall Obtain Mercy”

ANOTHER Sword in the Stone Story….

Good grief, they just keep popping up! Click on the link to learn more about the latest sword discovered in a stone, readers. I should really start checking my local waterways for antique or ancient weapons…. Divers Discover Fully Intact Medieval Sword in Underwater Stone Nov 5, 2019 Ian Harvey In Bosnia’s Republika Srpska, the … Continue reading ANOTHER Sword in the Stone Story….

A Dry Discovery

Check out this fantastic article about a sunken palace discovered in an Iraqi reservoir: Drought in Iraq Reveals 3,400-yr-old Palace that Astounds Archaeologists Jul 3, 2019 Nancy Bilyeau After a drought caused water levels to recede dramatically in an Iraq reservoir, a 3,400-year-old palace was temporarily revealed that was hailed as an “archaeological sensation.” The discovery … Continue reading A Dry Discovery