No Chestnuts Roasting Here, But There Is a Call to “Open Fire!”

If you remember the Sabaton* song “Screaming Eagles” but do not know the story behind it, this article should give you some insight, readers. Click the link to learn more about this account of the brave men who fought in World War II one Christmas season! ‘Nuts!’ US troops thwarted Hitler’s last gamble 75 years … Continue reading No Chestnuts Roasting Here, But There Is a Call to “Open Fire!”

Dates, Fellowship, and Professor Tolkien

Professor Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings* series has been hailed repeatedly for its extensive worldbuilding. But something even devoted fans can occasionally miss is the significance of the dates within the story. A contributor to Voyage Comics and Publishing*’s blog tackles the challenge of reminding us about the meaning behind the dates in the … Continue reading Dates, Fellowship, and Professor Tolkien

Target Practice at Sea

Check out this amazing footage from Popular Mechanics, readers! Watch Astonishing, Unedited Footage of the Navy Nuking Warships It's arguably the most unsettling nuclear weapons test of all time. BY KYLE MIZOKAMI MAY 19, 2021 In the summer of 1945, the Navy assembled a large fleet of ex-warships and dropped atomic bombs on them. The test was designed to determine … Continue reading Target Practice at Sea

The Birth of the Modern Rocket

Check out this fantastic piece from Popular Mechanics, readers! Shooting at the Moon: The Pioneering Rocketry of Robert Goddard In 1929, Popular Mechanics covered the explosive work of Robert Goddard. His liquid propellant-fueled rocket, the first of its kind, carved a path to the stars. BY JOHN BRADY MAR 16, 2021 In the December 1929 issue, … Continue reading The Birth of the Modern Rocket

Evidence of an Ancient Rescue Operation

It is impossible to tell with certainty if the skull described in the story belonged to Pliny the Elder. However, the evidence that he and his men were there remains strong given what archaeologists have discovered in their excavations. Read the article to learn more: Vesuvius Remains Identified As Heroic Rescue Mission By Pliny The … Continue reading Evidence of an Ancient Rescue Operation