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Resistance Is NOT Futile

Click the link to learn more, readers: His resistance to Communism was heroic, but his sanctity more so I.Media for Aleteia - published on 04/26/23 Eduard Habsburg, Hungarian ambassador to the Vatican, talks about Cardinal Jósef Mindszenty's example of holiness and resistance to the Communist regime. Pope Francis’ trip to Hungary from April 28 to 30, 2023,… Continue reading Resistance Is NOT Futile

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Sailing, Sailing, Over the Ocean Blue….

Check it out, readers! Project Azorian: Howard Hughes’ secret mission, which involved the CIA and a missing Soviet submarine off the coast of Hawaii Apr 25, 2018 Nikola Budanovic In 1974 a huge announcement was made by the already elderly but still versatile industrial magnate and airplane innovator Howard Hughes: his enterprise was on a quest… Continue reading Sailing, Sailing, Over the Ocean Blue….

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Too Much of a Good Thing…

…is bad for everyone’s health. Click the link to consider more, readers: Tenderness Leads to the Gas Chambers? One of Flannery O’Connor’s most famous quotes is “tenderness leads to the gas chambers”. It was borrowed by Walker Percy in his novel The Thanatos Syndrome,  but what did O’Connor mean by the thought and why did Percy pick… Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing…


Review: The Strange Case of Dr. Couney by Dawn Raffel

Well! It appears that I may have my reading speed back online, at least for the present. Then again, this is a book I have been hoping to read since I posted a link to an article on Dr. Martin Couney several years ago. It took time to finally find the time to read it,… Continue reading Review: The Strange Case of Dr. Couney by Dawn Raffel

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Memento Mori

Click the link to learn more, readers: ‘Goodbye and good luck’ BY GRACE E.F. HOLMES, M.D. Sep 20, 2017 In 1934 and 1935, the Past Presidents’ Parley of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of North Dakota identified and interviewed the state’s 271 women who served during the Great War. Of that number, 225 were nurses.… Continue reading Memento Mori

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History Forgotten, History Recalled

There are many stories from World War II that are not commonly known and which are at risk of being forgotten if we do not keep them in mind. Operation Hannibal is one of those stories, and you should definitely click on and watch the video, readers. THIS is a story of tragedy, courage, heroism,… Continue reading History Forgotten, History Recalled

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Dark Memories

It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m bringing you all the spooky stuff! Yet another friendly reminder, readers, that friends don’t let friends become Communists or Marxists: How we forgot about Pol Pot 4 March 2023, 6:30am When I was a small boy, I had a favourite book: The Magic Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton. Given… Continue reading Dark Memories

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Prejudice and History

If this fellow was correct that it was discrimination primarily against Catholics and not the Irish, why were there no signs made reading “No Italians Need Apply” or “No Poles Need Apply”? They were predominantly Catholic immigrants as well. Yet the ones who were told, in writing and by voice, not to apply were the… Continue reading Prejudice and History

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Better Dead than Red…

Just your friendly neighborhood writer reminding you why friends don’t let friends become Communists or Marxists: Sunday, March 05, 2023 Stalin's Death at 70: Some Mind-Boggling Revelations About Stalin, World War II, and a Century of Russian History As the 70th anniversary of Stalin's death is commemorated (celebrated?), it is far from inappropriate to tackle a growing narrative,… Continue reading Better Dead than Red…

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Some Misplaced History

Both these videos are highly informative and interesting, readers. As I mentioned here, we ought to remember that slavery has not ended; there are places in the world where it is legal or at least not prosecuted. And “human trafficking” and “sex trafficking” are just nice ways of saying slavery without using the hated word.… Continue reading Some Misplaced History