Can’t Keep a Good Man Down….

Or an American prisoner. Not if he is determined to get loose, anyway. Learn more through the article linked below, readers:

This Day in History: An American sailor, captured by a German submarine

On this day in 1918, a Navy lieutenant is held as a German prisoner. Edouard Victor Michel Izac had been captured just a few days earlier, when an American troop transport was torpedoed by the German submarine U-90.

After launching its torpedoes, the German submarine circled back around to confront the crew of USS President Lincoln, still floating in the water. The Germans wanted the American captain!

The Navy sailors did not intend to give up their captain, of course. One after another, they told the Germans that their captain had gone down with the ship. But the Germans wanted someone. They pulled Izac into their submarine. He was the only person that they could identify as an officer.

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