It’s Elementary, Watson. The Pistol Did It!

Just kidding – though one has to wonder why people emphasize a weapon’s part in the death of another human being. Hammers do not strike men and women in the head of themselves. Neither do kitchen knives slip between ribs all on their own. Someone has to pick these items up and use them this … Continue reading It’s Elementary, Watson. The Pistol Did It!

Bionicle to the Rescue!

Were you a fan of LEGO’s Bionicle franchise at one point, readers? If so, then this story about the toys may be right up your alley: LEGO Almost Went Bankrupt. These Heroes Saved Our Bricks. How a brain tumor inspired Bionicle, one of the most popular toys of a generation. BY DAVID LUMB JUN 21, 2020 … Continue reading Bionicle to the Rescue!

Beautiful and Serviceable

Take a look at this beautiful blade, readers! Helle’s Temagami Knife is a Thing of Beauty BY ADRIENNE DONICA JUN 30, 2020 The Takeaway: Simple though it may appear, the Temagami is meticulously crafted and very capable for cutting, carving, and bushcraft. Semi-full tang design reduces weight and saves fingers from freezing in cold conditions Available with … Continue reading Beautiful and Serviceable

The Conductivity of Meteorites

Learn more through the link, readers: What These Superconducting Space Rocks Tell Us About the Galaxy BY JENNIFER LEMAN MAR 25, 2020 Researchers have discovered two samples of meteorite which appear to conduct electricity. The superconductive meteorite samples were found in Australia and Antarctica. Discoveries like this help shape our understanding of the magnetic fields of celestial objects. Meteorites have … Continue reading The Conductivity of Meteorites

Now THAT Was a Big Turtle!

Click the link to learn more, readers: This Prehistoric Mega Turtle Was a Big Boy By Daisy Hernandez Feb 17, 2020 A new paper published in Science Advances sheds new light on the "anatomy, paleobiology, and evolutionary relationships of the largest extinct side-necked turtle," Stupendemys geographicus—an absolute mammoth of a creature. Until recently, "scant, fragmentary finds" were the only fossil evidence … Continue reading Now THAT Was a Big Turtle!

Is a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Coming Soon?

The United States Navy seems to think so. They have already patented the design. Check out the link below to learn more, readers! The Navy's Patent for a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Wild. The designs seemingly stretch the limits of science. By Jennifer Leman Oct 10, 2019 A patent filed by the U.S. Navy last month claims … Continue reading Is a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Coming Soon?