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Too Much of a Good Thing…

…is bad for everyone’s health. Click the link to consider more, readers: Tenderness Leads to the Gas Chambers? One of Flannery O’Connor’s most famous quotes is “tenderness leads to the gas chambers”. It was borrowed by Walker Percy in his novel The Thanatos Syndrome,  but what did O’Connor mean by the thought and why did Percy pick… Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing…


Review: The Strange Case of Dr. Couney by Dawn Raffel

Well! It appears that I may have my reading speed back online, at least for the present. Then again, this is a book I have been hoping to read since I posted a link to an article on Dr. Martin Couney several years ago. It took time to finally find the time to read it,… Continue reading Review: The Strange Case of Dr. Couney by Dawn Raffel

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History Forgotten, History Recalled

There are many stories from World War II that are not commonly known and which are at risk of being forgotten if we do not keep them in mind. Operation Hannibal is one of those stories, and you should definitely click on and watch the video, readers. THIS is a story of tragedy, courage, heroism,… Continue reading History Forgotten, History Recalled

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Better Dead than Red…

Just your friendly neighborhood writer reminding you why friends don’t let friends become Communists or Marxists: Sunday, March 05, 2023 Stalin's Death at 70: Some Mind-Boggling Revelations About Stalin, World War II, and a Century of Russian History As the 70th anniversary of Stalin's death is commemorated (celebrated?), it is far from inappropriate to tackle a growing narrative,… Continue reading Better Dead than Red…

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Remembering the B-29

Click the link to learn more, readers! How the B-29 Modernized the U.S. Air Force The bomber that ended WWII also paved the way for a more modern U.S. Air Force.   BY ALEX HOLLINGS PUBLISHED: OCT 21, 2022 On February 18, 1943, with World War II raging in Europe and Asia, a hulking structure rolled onto the tarmac… Continue reading Remembering the B-29

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Scotty, Are You There?

Take a look at this piece on Star Trek’s most famous engineer, readers! 5 Things You Didn’t Know About James Doohan Jan 13, 2023 Samantha Franco Best known for his role as Montgomery Scott on the legendary television series Star Trek, James Doohan made a legacy for himself in more ways than one. He accomplished great… Continue reading Scotty, Are You There?

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War Trains

Looks like I found one of the inspirations for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress*, readers. Russia relies heavily even now on railroads to transport goods and people across their country, which is so large that roads are less effective than rails. This is the reason why they need trains more than almost any other nation:… Continue reading War Trains

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Remembering the U.S.S. Indianapolis

Learn more through the link, readers: USS Indianapolis survivors recount sinking, rescue By Henry Howard Aug 06, 2013 Fifteen of the 38 remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis gathered in Indiana’s capital this past weekend in what could be their final reunion. "We’re more like brothers; we’re closer than a lot of brothers. We always… Continue reading Remembering the U.S.S. Indianapolis

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In Memoriam

Learn more through the link, readers! No Greater Glory: The Four Chaplains and the Sinking of the USAT Dorchester Written By: Command Sergeant Major James H. Clifford, USA-Ret. In the early morning hours of 3 February 1943, First Sergeant Michael Warish nearly gave up hope as he floated helplessly in the freezing waters of the North… Continue reading In Memoriam

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A Non-Human Polish Soldier

Now this is a story, readers! Polish Corporal Wojtek – The Non-Human WWII Hero WORLD WAR II Mar 1, 2018 Shahan Russell During WWII, the Polish II Corps recruited a very unusual soldier named Wojtek who worked his way up to the rank of Corporal. Wojtek proved himself invaluable during the Battle of Monte Cassino… Continue reading A Non-Human Polish Soldier