Is War Really the Province of Men?

A study from 2019 suggests this may not be the case. Researchers have concluded that queens in Europe, from the Dark Ages through the Middle Ages on up to the Enlightenment, went to war more often than European kings did. This wasn’t just to solidify their power or prove they could not be dominated by … Continue reading Is War Really the Province of Men?

Review: Black Amazon of Mars by Leigh Brackett

While the Queen of Space Opera’s work may not be new, the publisher for this edition is. Say hello to Cirsova Publishing’s Black Amazon of Mars*: Danger Awaits in the Far North!           Long ago, an ancient evil was sealed away in the northern wastes of Mars by the legendary hero, Ban Cruach. A powerful … Continue reading Review: Black Amazon of Mars by Leigh Brackett

A Word on Criticism

Among writers, the word criticism tends to be tossed around like a curse – especially where aspiring authors are concerned. Most storytellers setting out on this journey have heard of professional novelists or columnists savaged unfairly by critics. Others have received similar or worse disparagement from people close to them: family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, et … Continue reading A Word on Criticism