Build Confidence – Tell the Opposition that They’re Terrible

“Weird Al” Yankovic has to be one of the most entertaining comedian/musicians alive, readers. For a while there, I thought he had stopped recording, but a couple of years back I heard about his latest album – “Mandatory Fun” – and, of course, I had to check it out. This song was one which stood out to me:

“Weird Al” Yankovic– Sports Song

Nothing builds confidence like telling the opposition that they cannot win, readers. I tend to repeat these lyrics to myself from time to time to make self-doubt and negativity go away. It’s actually a more helpful exercise than you might think. Try it out yourself some time and see how it works for you.

2 thoughts on “Build Confidence – Tell the Opposition that They’re Terrible

  1. *snickers*
    Oh, you missed an AWESOME bit of corporate evolution in action… it “looked” like he’d stopped recording because some idiot at the music company decided to throw their weight around and try giving him orders, rather than advice. (apparently he’s really easy to work with, but that wasn’t enough for someone) Did a lot of tours, but they kept getting put in odder places; while it is awesome that he went places nobody else that’s a Big Name will go, it wasn’t exactly awesome business….
    This is pieced together from a bunch of different sources, and stuff like my mom and dad happening to be in a town and not even knowing he was doing a show in town, the kid at the hotel desk apologizing and doing one of those “there’s this guy called Weird Al doing a show in town-” and nearly falling over when he found out my mom is a big fan and my dad knows half the songs. They were looking especially Cowboy at that point, in his defense. If there had been any HINT he was in town, mom probably would’ve gone.

    The guy who anybody with sense PRAYS will parody their song, because it is good for a major sales spike. And they stopped promoting him.

    It was a slow boil, but long story short is that he apparently smiled, said “that’s nice,” and self-produced and published an album. Since he’d been doing most of the work himself anyways, didn’t take much. Then he basically used his incredible fan network to set up his own tours.

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    • XD Good for him!!! It was kind of odd to hear him say later that he’s been going on tours. I thought, “Why didn’t I hear about that? This guy’s huge; shouldn’t his name be everywhere in the media when he goes on tour? ” Go figure on the idiot in corporate business throwing a wrench in the works. I wish I hadn’t missed that.

      Forget about the sales bump – I’d accept a parody request from Weird Al just to see how much fun he could have with my song! 🙂 (Or my story; he did such a great job with “The Saga Begins”…..)

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