A Humorous Essay from the Past

I had the privilege of reading this essay quite some time ago. Being given cause to remember it recently, I thought I would pass it on to you, readers. You can learn more about the author – Agnes Repplier – here if you wish. She is a fascinating woman worthy of being remembered. Until then, … Continue reading A Humorous Essay from the Past

A Shakespearian Retelling of The Three Little Pigs

This is very, very funny, readers! If you have not yet had the pleasure of watching Dry Bar Comedy, a channel where the comedians avoid cursing and foul language, then you may have missed this part of John Branyan’s act. That includes this stellar version of the classic “The Three Little Pigs” fairy tale, the … Continue reading A Shakespearian Retelling of The Three Little Pigs

Review – Batman: The Terror by David Breitenbeck

Fan fiction is not my usual topic for review, readers, but this story was too good not to write about – particularly since I beta read it for the author before it was published. 😉 One must take the opportunity to praise worthy stories, and The Terror is no exception. This three-chapter Batman fan story … Continue reading Review – Batman: The Terror by David Breitenbeck

The Great Halloween Book Boost!

N. R. LaPoint has a list of horror stories for Halloween, and yours truly made the list! Take a look, readers, and see if you can find some new books to give you more thrills and chills this October 31st!

Empyrean Blade

It’s the time of year for a book boost! Lovecraftian horror, knights in power armor, undead dragons, demons, Catholic schoolgirls with chainsaws, veterinarians, magical spears, vampires, bilocating cops, cyberpunk paladin samurais, and more!

For some reason many people associate the world of written horror with that one guy. The one who apparently writes twist endings about aliens that are also spiders or evil cars or something. That guy. But there are other authors! Better ones!

So if you are looking for something appropriate for the season, I’ve got a list right here.

Duel Visions by [Misha Burnett, Louise Sorensen]

Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen – Duel Visions

Is Death a dog or a cat? Would it be worse to be turned into a pig or a fish? After we die do we become characters in a movie, or parts for an old truck?

Weird fictioneers Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen explore the dark depths of the human…

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