Bulletin: Introducing Postcards from Mars!

Ahem. Introducing for your enjoyment, Postcards from Mars! Each of the 50 word stories herein has a tale inspired by a piece of art that is also included in the collection. MidJourney and other art AI bots are producing fruit in multiple ways, and this anthology is one exhibit of how artists are adapting to new tools and finding inspiration for their work.

My piece in this collection is “Back from the Ballgame.” Don’t wait, pick this book up today! It is available in paperback*, ebook*, AND hardcover*. That last note has me particularly excited, as I have not had a story available in hardcover before. The new year has brought a marvel already: this new anthology illustrated by AI!

Talk about a fantastic new year. I would not have anticipated being part of this project last year, or that enough artists had gained enough practice with the AI to make such good images. But here we are and here are the Postcards from Mars.

Also, don’t forget to send the writers of this collection a postcard – I mean, a review – letting us know what you thought of our work. It means a lot to all of us!

*These are Amazon affiliate links. When you purchase something through them, this author receives a commission from Amazon at no extra charge to you, the buyer.

If you liked this article, friend Caroline Furlong on Facebook or follow her here at www.carolinefurlong.wordpress.com. Her stories have been published in Cirsova’s Summer Special and Unbound III: Goodbye, Earth. She has also had stories published in the Planetary Anthology Series. Another story was released in Cirsova Magazine’s Summer Issue in 2020, and she had a story published in Storyhack Magazine’s 7th Issue, Cirsova Magazine’s 2021 Summer Issue, and another may be read over at Ember Journal. Vol. 1* and Vol. 2* of her series – The Guardian Cycle – is available in paperback and ebook as well. Order them today!

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