Bulletin: New Book on the Block!

I have a new book of my own to offer today, readers! Presenting my novella Contact: Angeles, in both paperback* and ebook* formats!

While removing a prototype sensor from the prow of her new Alliance battleship, the Ausa, Captain Elizabeth Goodwin and her crew encounter a setback when one of the engineers sent to remove and stow the device is injured in an accident. Before the other engineer can help the man, the two are surrounded by amoeboid creatures which seem immune to the effects of vacuum.

Thought to be hallucinations experienced by early spacers who had been alone in deep space too long, these creatures – known as “angel fish” – startle the crew by their sudden appearance. Despite her misgivings, Goodwin allows three of the aliens to be taken aboard for study. But less than an hour after the aliens have been brought on the ship, one of Goodwin’s men is killed and another is seriously wounded.

Her search for both the murderer and the escaped “angels” soon leads to a disturbing revelation. Eventually, Goodwin must decide which threat is greater: an old enemy of the Alliance, or the fabled “angels” encountered by the first explorers from Terra.

This has been in the works for a while, and now it is out in the world! Thanks go once again to VixenArt who did the amazing cover. When you read the story, you will know where the image came from as it IS pertinent to the book. Sometimes the cover does not match the inner tale, but not in this case!

As you can see by the blurb, this is a mystery and an alien contact story. Its genesis originated from a sci-fi movie trailer that leaned toward horror which I saw years ago; the alien(s) were, of course, hungry for human meat. Watching that advertisement for the movie, I couldn’t help but wonder how one might turn the premise of such a thing on its head.

Contact: Angeles is the result of that musing. I had had enough of first contact stories where the aliens decide to eat people. Let’s play with the idea that they aren’t so bloodthirsty after all and see what happens, I thought. Thus did I write, and thus you have this novella to read. Don’t wait, pick it up today!

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