Bulletin: The Best of the Planetary Anthology Series is ALIVE!!!!

Whew! Apologies for the late alert, readers. It has been a bit of a zoo behind the scenes here at A Song of Joy. So many projects, so little time….

The Planetary Anthology Series, as many of you may know, became defunct last year as a print and ebook series. You can still purchase the audiobooks* but due to low sales the series has been cancelled. Although I had the rights to my stories back long before that occurred, I did not wish to sell them while the series remained extant since I loved the premise so much and was proud to have a part in it.

Yet the sun set on the series and it was time for me to find new homes for my stories. While I had options, a part of me was very sad to say good-bye. I did love the series’ premise and had a great deal of fun writing for it. It did not even have a proper swan song.

Then I received an email. Someone wanted to make a ‘best of collection’ for the Planetary Anthology Series! Two stories from each volume would be accepted, but since there were 90 authors and over a hundred stories – several by the same author(s) – the editor had to be picky.

I had three stories in the series. I kept one to myself and put forward the other two for consideration. There was, naturally, no guarantee that I would be accepted for this new collection. Yet still I hoped.

And that hope was rewarded and has now born fruit. Welcome to The Best of the Planetary Anthology Series, readers, and the reprinting of my World War II superhero story “Let the Dead Bury Their Dead”! This book is available in paperback* and ebook* not only through those Amazon affiliate links which allow me to receive a small commission directly from the ‘Zon, but through other publishers as well. This Books2Read link will take you to them.

If you are following my newsletter, you already received an alert about The Best of the Planetary Anthology Series’ release. While I would have liked to issue a statement here at Song on the same day, I had just wrestled mightily with some programming issues the day prior and was too wiped to write for the next two days (in the end I was victorious!). As I said, it has been a zoo here.

Now, though, you have no excuse and neither do I! Pick up The Best of the Planetary Anthology Series today, or have your local library order it. Let’s share these tales of science fiction and fantasy far and wide! The sun has risen on the series yet again, so let’s make hay while it is in the sky!

*These are Amazon affiliate links. When you purchase something through them, this author receives a commission from Amazon at no extra charge to you, the buyer.

If you liked this article, friend Caroline Furlong on Facebook or follow her here at www.carolinefurlong.wordpress.com. Her stories have been published in Cirsova’s Summer Special and Unbound III: Goodbye, Earth. She has also had stories published in the Planetary Anthology Series. Another story was released in Cirsova Magazine’s Summer Issue in 2020, and she had a story published in Storyhack Magazine’s 7th Issue, Cirsova Magazine’s 2021 Summer Issue, and another may be read over at Ember Journal. Vol. 1* and Vol. 2* of her series – The Guardian Cycle – is available in paperback and ebook as well. Order them today!

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