Bulletin: The Guardian Cycle Continues!

May I present, readers, the next installment in my series: The Guardian Cycle, Vol. 2: American Mage and Other Stories!

It is said that war is hell. But what of the Prisoners of War, or the war orphans who grow up amidst the chaos, and what of those who escape their enemy’s prisons?

In Halcyon, meet a man who has been abused in a prison camp for so long that he has forgotten his own name – but not the desire to survive. Follow the adult orphans Warlock Ruthers produced in his campaign for power as they protect two children whom he seeks to murder to defeat a prophecy of his downfall in American Mage.

Meanwhile, Allan Kearney and Michio Oshika work on removing the demon tattoos from the former’s back at the same time they seek the means to end the persecution of Allan’s fellow prisoners. But demons do not release their prey without a fight, as the young Torránese soldier knows all too well. If he is to survive, let alone help rescue his comrades, first he will have to face the monsters clawing for his soul. It will be a battle that will require all his strength – and more…

If you signed up for my newsletter, then you already received the message that this collection is live on Amazon in ebook* and paperback*! Once again, a previously published story leads the volume with Halcyon, which first appeared in Cirsova Magazine’s 2019 Summer Special.* It also contains the next installment in the Guardian series – Guardian, Part 2: Honor.

Other tales include:

This Blunt Thing

Specter of the Jungle


These stories are shorts that are only a few pages in length. I have been itching to publish American Mage for a while, and now it is finally in print! It won Honorable Mention in the 2nd Quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest, so it is good to see it out in the world at last.

Enjoy the collection, readers, and please pray for me as I continue my writing journey. 2023 is just around the corner, and the New Year will be full of challenges. With any luck, it will also be filled with new books!

Note: Links marked with an asterisk are Amazon Affiliate links. When you purchase something through them, I receive a commission from Amazon at no extra charge to you. Feel free to shop for more when you check out The Guardian Cycle, Vol. 2 today!

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