Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind

Okay, so Halloween is over. Don’t tell me that with Christmas on the horizon you have forgotten Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? Ghosts don’t only appear on Halloween. They show up when it suits them or when they are sent somewhere.

Yes, I do mean sent. It depends on where the ghost is, of course; some come back on their own to ask for help. Others…well, they may be allowed to come as a warning, or they may be sent to comfort those who remain. It kind of depends on where they are in the first place.

The link below goes into more detail. While it is meant for Halloween, I do not see a divorce between either this piece and the Joyous Season. After all, if our loved ones celebrated Christmas with us in life, why would they not drop in from the other side to say ‘hi,’ too?

Click the link to learn more, readers:


Click the link to learn more, readers:

How should a Catholic react to an encounter with a ghost?

Bruce Rolff | Shutterstock

J-P Mauro – published on 10/31/21

“What they need is our spiritual help.”

As Catholics, we believe that God, the maker of all things visible and invisible, created the world around us with more going on than what lies on the surface. On a normal day, this brings to mind the presence of the divine or saintly intercession. As Halloween approaches, however, this line of the Nicene Creed makes us ponder the most popular of spooky invisible phenomena: ghosts.

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