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Resistance Is NOT Futile

Click the link to learn more, readers: His resistance to Communism was heroic, but his sanctity more so I.Media for Aleteia - published on 04/26/23 Eduard Habsburg, Hungarian ambassador to the Vatican, talks about Cardinal Jósef Mindszenty's example of holiness and resistance to the Communist regime. Pope Francis’ trip to Hungary from April 28 to 30, 2023,… Continue reading Resistance Is NOT Futile

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A Passionate Statement

Worth remembering and reading: The Passion And The Arts the primary purpose of the arts, like all human activity, is to draw people closer to God. Have you ever wondered why we use the word “passion” to describe the suffering that Jesus went through? After all when we say we are passionate about something we… Continue reading A Passionate Statement

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Stop In and Say Hi

As of February 2023, readers, the Almighty is literally waiting for you in this airport in Atlanta, Georgia. There is now a chapel of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration open in the interfaith chapel at the airport. It services both the personnel on station and travelers who pass through the airport. Since I am Catholic, I am… Continue reading Stop In and Say Hi

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Thou Art Dust…

…and unto dust thou shalt return. Take a look at this piece on the Sedlec Ossuary in Kunta Hora, Czechia, readers! Sedlec Ossuary "Bone Church" Kutna Hora, Czechia A church of bones, decorated with 40,000 human skeletons. THE 40,000 TO 70,000 SKELETONS within Sedlec Ossuary (aka Kostnice Ossuary Beinhaus) in the Czech Republic welcome you, quite… Continue reading Thou Art Dust…

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A Word on Predestination

Worth the read. Check it out! Predestination and How Sanctifying Grace Justifies Us By Gene Van Son 12 January AD 2023 The idea that we are all predestined to heaven or hell when we die is rather disconcerting.  However, all Christians (and Muslims, too) agree that our souls will end up in one of those two… Continue reading A Word on Predestination

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Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind

Okay, so Halloween is over. Don’t tell me that with Christmas on the horizon you have forgotten Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? Ghosts don’t only appear on Halloween. They show up when it suits them or when they are sent somewhere. Yes, I do mean sent. It depends on where the ghost is, of course;… Continue reading Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind

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The Mandorla of Culture

A worthy article for reflection, readers: The Christian Mission To Evangelize American Culture David Clayton Beauty is the mark of a loving God. A Christian culture, therefore, is a beautiful culture that melts the hearts of non-believers and tells believers that that they are at home in the world. As a convert to Christianity I… Continue reading The Mandorla of Culture


Review – Bulletproof Vestments: A Father Jay Book 0 by Jane Lebak

And we have another review, readers! I may have managed to get my reading hat firmly back in place. We shall see, but it is not looking too shabby at the moment. You may recall that I reviewed Jane Lebak’s The Boys Upstairs last year, just in time for Christmas. In that review I said… Continue reading Review – Bulletproof Vestments: A Father Jay Book 0 by Jane Lebak

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The Kamikaze that Brought a Saint

An interesting piece, readers. Check it out! St. Francis Xavier and the Divine Wind That Brought Christ to Japan August 27, 2022 Thus began the reign of Christ in Japan, carried on the wings of his own almighty wind. Luke O’Hara August 17, 2022 “There is only one God, the Creator of heaven and earth,… Continue reading The Kamikaze that Brought a Saint

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The Morals of the Republic

I am on a roll, apparently. Here is a word from the inestimable Charles Carroll of Carrollton, readers: Charles Carroll of Carrollton: Without Morals A Republic Cannot Subsist Any Length of Time And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of… Continue reading The Morals of the Republic