How to Retrieve the WordPress Classic Editor…

Thanks to Foxfier for linking to this site, which allowed this author to re-acquire the Classic Editor for her WordPress site. If you prefer the Classic Editor as well, then follow the directions through the link and get it back today!

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

After the last screwupupdate by WP, the Classic Editor had disappeared, again,,,

BUT!! I have ‘discovered how to get it back!!

Followed those steps and wonder of wonders!!

There it was!!

Now how long before they screw it up again!!

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4 thoughts on “How to Retrieve the WordPress Classic Editor…

  1. Caroline, thank you for sharing this. I’ve been using the “Classic Editor” since I started 10 years ago and all through the new block editor schemes. But, alas, this past week scrambled to learn the block editor when the Classic up and disappeared. Blogging blessings to you!!!! Virginia

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