Ballads of Space and Time

I confess that I had never heard nor read the word “filk” until recently. For those who are also unfamiliar with the term, it apparently began life as a spelling error. The word refers to folk songs written about science fiction themes; some of these may have been written specifically for sci-fi novels, in order to deepen the reader’s experience of the fictional world. But many contain their own tales and are meant purely as folk entertainment for sci-fi fans.

Each of the videos below, as far as this author knows, fills the second category and not the first. While the singers’ voices may not appeal to all, these are songs worth hearing. “Dawson’s Christian” may be bought through the iTunes store, though the lyrics in at least one version of the song differ from Duane Elms’ original ballad. It is not a big difference, but it is noticeable.

So if you are looking for some new music, readers, take a listen to these videos. You might find a new tune that is a little out there, but which hits the spot in a way that nothing else has up to now. 😉

Duane Elms – Dawson’s Christian


The Phoenix by Julia Ecklar


Pushin’ the Speed of Light – Julia Ecklar & Anne Prather


Ghost Ship by Cynthia McQuillin


Guardians by Carmen Miranda’s Ghost


Starbound Spirit by Cynthia McQuillin

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