Reposted: Recipe for a 250-Word Story

Take a look at this helpful piece, readers: Recipe for a 250-Word Story The secret recipe for an enticing story is the same, no matter the word count. But if you can cook up a concise and coherent story in only 250 words, those skills will help you tackle bigger and more complex creations. You … Continue reading Reposted: Recipe for a 250-Word Story

Reposted – The Business Rusch: Perfection

A timely reminder, readers: At every craft workshop I teach, I make at least one writer cry. This week, I’m teaching a short story workshop for professional writers. These are workshop-hardened folk, people who have been eviscerated by the best of them, people who come to my workshops having heard that I make writers cry, … Continue reading Reposted – The Business Rusch: Perfection

Reposted – On Writing: Moral Foundations

Here's a valuable point from author C. Chancy, readers: On Writing: Moral Foundations Writing is best when you write about something that matters to you. It could be current events; today’s politics have plenty of fodder for snark and soapboxing. It could be the history of the first importation of peaches to England from China. It … Continue reading Reposted – On Writing: Moral Foundations

Reposted: Swan Princess versus Jasmine

Take a look at this excellent piece by Mr. John C. Wright, readers! Swan Princess versus Jasmine Political Correctness is factual incorrectness, or, in other words, falseness. Falseness is fatal to fiction. Even though fiction is fictional, in order to be dramatic, it must capture the real drama of the real human condition, including the … Continue reading Reposted: Swan Princess versus Jasmine