How Soon We Forget…..

Have you ever heard of the Battle of Athens, readers? This is not a reference to the city in Greece, but the town in Tennessee, U.S.A. It occurred not long after World War II, when the GIs returning home from the front found the corruption in the local government had worsened while they had been … Continue reading How Soon We Forget…..

The Little Blue Book

Check out this Popular Mechanics article on Project Blue Book, readers: 50 Years Ago, the Air Force Tried to Make UFOs Go Away. It Didn't Work. By MJ Banias Dec 17, 2019 Fifty years ago today, the U.S. Air Force announced the closing of its most famous UFO investigation program, Project Blue Book. While the government’s goal was … Continue reading The Little Blue Book

Is a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Coming Soon?

The United States Navy seems to think so. They have already patented the design. Check out the link below to learn more, readers! The Navy's Patent for a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Wild. The designs seemingly stretch the limits of science. By Jennifer Leman Oct 10, 2019 A patent filed by the U.S. Navy last month claims … Continue reading Is a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Coming Soon?

Another Star Wars Idea Becomes Reality

If you remember the probe droids from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back* and the miniature versions seen in new franchise material such as Star Wars Rebels*, then you might find this piece particularly interesting. The pocket-sized drones described in the article below act a great deal like the probes seen in Star Wars. While … Continue reading Another Star Wars Idea Becomes Reality

U.S. Marines Go to War…with Kids?!

There is something truly wonderful about watching adult men playing games with young children. Although short, this clip of United States’ Marines engaging in Nerf gun battles with elementary school children is priceless. It is hard not to smile at the men hamming up their “death scenes” for the enjoyment of the boys and girls … Continue reading U.S. Marines Go to War…with Kids?!