Learning from the Enemy

Take a look at this interesting piece from Popular Mechanics, readers: The Marines Could Steal a Page From Cocaine Smugglers Resupplying forces behind enemy lines is risky. Enter the narcosubs. BY KYLE MIZOKAMI JUL 22, 2020 In future conflicts, U.S. forces could become isolated behind enemy lines. Resupplying them could be risky. One potential solution? Use supply-packed, low … Continue reading Learning from the Enemy

U.S. Marines Go to War…with Kids?!

There is something truly wonderful about watching adult men playing games with young children. Although short, this clip of United States’ Marines engaging in Nerf gun battles with elementary school children is priceless. It is hard not to smile at the men hamming up their “death scenes” for the enjoyment of the boys and girls … Continue reading U.S. Marines Go to War…with Kids?!