Reposted: Chasing Tropes

Check out this great article by Kit Sun Cheah, readers: Chasing Tropes People enjoy the exotic, but not too exotic. People enjoy the familiar, but not too familiar. Reconciling these twin desires is the overriding concern of the modern-day fiction writer. A story where everything is formulaic, from characters to plots to setting, is predictable and boring. A story … Continue reading Reposted: Chasing Tropes

A Unique Conceit (or Three) from Western Television

Gargoyles Retrospective | Disney's Dark Horse Along with others in the Superversive movement, this author tends to highlight various writing techniques which are popularly seen in Japanese anime. Since writers in the Orient frequently make use of practices forgotten here in the West, this is only sensible. If one wishes to learn a craft, … Continue reading A Unique Conceit (or Three) from Western Television