Is There Liquefied Glass on the Moon?

The Chinese say there is. Apparently, before it “took a nap,” their Yutu-2 rover snapped some photographs of a strange substance on the dark side of the moon. Once they saw the odd goo, scientists reactivated the machine and had it begin testing the gunk to try and figure out what it is. Currently, the … Continue reading Is There Liquefied Glass on the Moon?

A Dry Discovery

Check out this fantastic article about a sunken palace discovered in an Iraqi reservoir: Drought in Iraq Reveals 3,400-yr-old Palace that Astounds Archaeologists Jul 3, 2019 Nancy Bilyeau After a drought caused water levels to recede dramatically in an Iraq reservoir, a 3,400-year-old palace was temporarily revealed that was hailed as an “archaeological sensation.” The discovery … Continue reading A Dry Discovery

Mystery Mineral from the Stars

Check out the story behind this mineral that arrived on Earth with the Khatyrka meteorite, readers! Siberian Mystery Meteorite Contains “Impossible to Naturally Exist” Crystal Aug 7, 2019 Ian Harvey A crystal, or at least what appears to be a crystal, still causes excitement from an incredibly rare meteorite found in Siberia. Even with all the … Continue reading Mystery Mineral from the Stars

An Underground City – Made of Salt?

Click the link below to learn more, readers! The Wieliczka Salt Mine: An astonishing underground city, dating from 13th century Jul 28, 2017 Marija Georgievska The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located in southern Poland in the town of the same name, looks like an underground kingdom made from salt blocks filled with many pits and chambers. Opened … Continue reading An Underground City – Made of Salt?

The Beauty and Danger of the Aurora Borealis

Check out this article on the Carrington Event, readers: When the Northern Lights were so Powerful they Started Fires in Observation Equipment Sep 16, 2018 Reed Des Roches Auroras, also known as northern lights, are a phenomenon that causes brilliant and colorful lights that shine in the sky. The bright green and red glows can … Continue reading The Beauty and Danger of the Aurora Borealis