Courage Comes in Many Forms….

…And it wears many faces. Some of them are more familiar than we may initially realize. Learn more about Audrey Hepburn’s wartime activities through the link below, readers! When Audrey Hepburn Danced To Help The Dutch Resistance May 12, 2021 Steve Palace Audrey Hepburn lived a secret life as an asset of the Dutch Resistance … Continue reading Courage Comes in Many Forms….

The Itsy, Bitsy Spider – Joins An Orchestra?!

Not quite, but the title caught your interest, did it not? Click the link to learn more, readers! Scientists Turn Spider Webs Into Spider Music Apr 27, 2021 Steve Palace Spider fans are making music…using the webs of their eight-legged friends! Not actual webs, but virtual ones. Prof Markus J. Buehler of the Massachusetts Institute … Continue reading The Itsy, Bitsy Spider – Joins An Orchestra?!