Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Last week we discussed love among characters. This ranged from brotherly love (philia), or the affection between friends who are or can be as close as brothers, to romantic love. I was not able to express all my thoughts on romantic pairings last week and thus this post will contain those ideas. Previously, we discussed … Continue reading Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

“If God sends you many sufferings…”

Check out this fascinating article, readers: Batman and how suffering can transform you into a saint By Matt Chicoine  No other superhero has as impressive and extensive of a villain’s gallery as Batman. Throughout the years, the Dark Knight has battled sociopaths (The Joker, Zsasz), assassins (Deathstroke, Deadshot), mystics (Ra’s Al Ghul), villains relying on … Continue reading “If God sends you many sufferings…”