Reposted: Three Storytellers, Two Listeners, One Story

This is a fascinating article and story from Mr. Cheah, readers. Check it out! Three Storytellers, Two Listeners, One Story In his essay ‘The Counterfactual Dialectic’ in Pulp on Pulp, Misha Burnett discusses the use of dialectic to determine what is said to the reader, how it is said, and what the reader will take away … Continue reading Reposted: Three Storytellers, Two Listeners, One Story

Reposted: Chasing Tropes

Check out this great article by Kit Sun Cheah, readers: Chasing Tropes People enjoy the exotic, but not too exotic. People enjoy the familiar, but not too familiar. Reconciling these twin desires is the overriding concern of the modern-day fiction writer. A story where everything is formulaic, from characters to plots to setting, is predictable and boring. A story … Continue reading Reposted: Chasing Tropes