The Birth of the Modern Rocket

Check out this fantastic piece from Popular Mechanics, readers! Shooting at the Moon: The Pioneering Rocketry of Robert Goddard In 1929, Popular Mechanics covered the explosive work of Robert Goddard. His liquid propellant-fueled rocket, the first of its kind, carved a path to the stars. BY JOHN BRADY MAR 16, 2021 In the December 1929 issue, … Continue reading The Birth of the Modern Rocket

Special Delivery – via Rockets!

Apparently the U.S. Air Force is considering replacing C-5 cargo flights with rocket launches. Yes, you read that right; our military is considering moving materiel around the world via rocket launches. This would cut ten hour flights down to thirty minute deliveries of necessary and life-saving supplies. Does your country need a vaccine to help … Continue reading Special Delivery – via Rockets!