A New Find

Another dinosaur mummy appears to have been discovered, readers! Click the link to learn more! 'Dinosaur mummy': Researchers believe they found one of the best preserved dinosaurs ever Orlando Mayorquin USA TODAY Researchers in Canada have discovered parts of what they believe to be a full "dinosaur mummy" lodged in a hillside, the University of … Continue reading A New Find

Do You Want that Meal Frozen or to Go?

Apparently, the creature immortalized in this fossil decided on both! Learn more through the link below, readers: Fossil-Eating Fossil Reveals Prehistoric Deep-Sea Diners May 12, 2021 Steve Palace It’s a scene worthy of Jurassic Park. An ancient crustacean found itself at the mercy of a multi-limbed predator. Which in turn was attacked by a toothy terror! The … Continue reading Do You Want that Meal Frozen or to Go?