Remember That Last Meal?

This crocodile’s final meal is on record for all to see! It also adds some perspective to The Land Before Time* movies. The scientists studying the fossil were quick to use this film series to give casual readers a popular cultural icon to visualize the dinosaur this croc ate. If Ducky was your favorite character … Continue reading Remember That Last Meal?

Do You Want that Meal Frozen or to Go?

Apparently, the creature immortalized in this fossil decided on both! Learn more through the link below, readers: Fossil-Eating Fossil Reveals Prehistoric Deep-Sea Diners May 12, 2021 Steve Palace It’s a scene worthy of Jurassic Park. An ancient crustacean found itself at the mercy of a multi-limbed predator. Which in turn was attacked by a toothy terror! The … Continue reading Do You Want that Meal Frozen or to Go?

New Dinosaur Species Discovered….

….two years ago. Ooops. Looks like this author missed that memo! Learn more about this fantastic beast through the link below, readers: This is the entirely new species of dinosaurs that are exciting scientists 2 years ago by Janice Friedman Another sensational discovery has been made by paleontologists from Argentina who have come across the fossilized remains of … Continue reading New Dinosaur Species Discovered….

Now THAT Was a Big Turtle!

Click the link to learn more, readers: This Prehistoric Mega Turtle Was a Big Boy By Daisy Hernandez Feb 17, 2020 A new paper published in Science Advances sheds new light on the "anatomy, paleobiology, and evolutionary relationships of the largest extinct side-necked turtle," Stupendemys geographicus—an absolute mammoth of a creature. Until recently, "scant, fragmentary finds" were the only fossil evidence … Continue reading Now THAT Was a Big Turtle!