Big Cats vs. Big Dogs

Sometimes the Law of Unintended Consequences has teeth. In this case, people forgot that cats and canines tend to disagree. The bigger each species is, the more likely their arguments are to end in death. That is what is happening in the American west as wolves spread into the mountains once more. The canines are … Continue reading Big Cats vs. Big Dogs

A Hot Take on a Steamy Subject

Take a look at this fascinating article, readers! Kīlauea’s Lava Lake Is Back, and Volcanologists Are Bubbling With Excitement There’s uncertainty, but the eruption is confined to the summit caldera. BY ROBIN GEORGE ANDREWS DECEMBER 23, 2020 LIKE IN MANY PARTS OF the world, 2020 has been an atrocious year for America: pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more. “But then … Continue reading A Hot Take on a Steamy Subject

Stalking the Wild

Learn more about this fascinating cat through the link below, readers:   COMMON NAME: Caracal SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caracal caracal DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Two feet to 3.5 feet long WEIGHT: 25 to 40 pounds IUCN RED LIST STATUS: ? Least Concern CURRENT POPULATION TREND: Unknown What is a caracal? This medium-size wildcat roams the savannas, deserts, and forests of much of Africa and … Continue reading Stalking the Wild

A Vacation Spot in the Final Frontier

Learn more about Alaska’s natural wonders in the article below, readers: Seven Natural Phenomena Worth Traveling to Alaska For From salmon spawning to the dancing lights of the aurora borealis, Alaska has some of the country’s most impressive natural wonders By Emily Matchar SMITHSONIANMAG.COM OCTOBER 13, 2020 Alaska is a place of extremes. Midnight sun. Polar … Continue reading A Vacation Spot in the Final Frontier