Mad Scientist: Cackling Goofball, or Deadly Menace?

The popular image of the mad scientist is one of a frizzy haired, generally harmless older man messing around in a lab. Such mad scientists seem and are typically portrayed as relatively inoffensive. Doctor Doofensmirtz from Phineas and Ferb* is one example of this common perception of the mad scientist, with Back to the Future’s* … Continue reading Mad Scientist: Cackling Goofball, or Deadly Menace?

Biofluorescence Everywhere!

At this rate, I am beginning to think everything alive has at least the capacity for biofluorescence and/or bioluminescence. We have glow-in-the-dark sharks, springhares that glow, platypuses, wombats, and possums that glow…. And researchers just discovered that Tasmanian devils glow in the dark. God works wonders to behold, readers. It just may be that humans … Continue reading Biofluorescence Everywhere!

Glowing Reports on African Springhares

Sorry, readers, but the pun was irresistible. Take a look at this fantastic article to learn more (and understand my pun!):   Nobody painted these glowing pink springhares—their Day-Glo is all natural ERIN FENNESSY | PUBLISHED APR 2, 2021 4:00 AM Glowing lights in nature aren’t limited to fireflies and glowworms. A new study published in Nature last month discovered … Continue reading Glowing Reports on African Springhares