Stalking the Wild

Learn more about this fascinating cat through the link below, readers:   COMMON NAME: Caracal SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caracal caracal DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Two feet to 3.5 feet long WEIGHT: 25 to 40 pounds IUCN RED LIST STATUS: ? Least Concern CURRENT POPULATION TREND: Unknown What is a caracal? This medium-size wildcat roams the savannas, deserts, and forests of much of Africa and … Continue reading Stalking the Wild

Shy Big Cat

Learn more about the Snow Leopard through the link below, readers: Snow leopard COMMON NAME: Snow leopards SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera uncia TYPE: Mammals DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Four to five feet with a tail up to 36 inches WEIGHT: 60 to 120 pounds The Disney Conservation Fund has supported conservation efforts for this species. National Geographic Partners is a joint venture between … Continue reading Shy Big Cat