Forms of Conflict, Part 2: Man vs. Self

Last week, we discussed the type of conflict known as Man vs. Society. This time we are talking about the kind of plot known as Man vs. Self. That is, Man versus his own inner weaknesses, flaws, and sins. Foxfier and I discussed this conflict in Crossover Queen’s post here. In the process, Foxfier made … Continue reading Forms of Conflict, Part 2: Man vs. Self

Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Last week we discussed love among characters. This ranged from brotherly love (philia), or the affection between friends who are or can be as close as brothers, to romantic love. I was not able to express all my thoughts on romantic pairings last week and thus this post will contain those ideas. Previously, we discussed … Continue reading Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary