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Yet Another Livestream

Once again, I was privileged to be on the Superversive Livestream, readers! Anthony Marchetta and I were able to fill two hours discussing the anime and light novel series 86 – Eighty-Six* by Asato Asato. If you remember my piece on mad scientists and have dropped by my newsletter, then you have already learned some… Continue reading Yet Another Livestream

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Honor on the Battlefield

A good reminder of our history and heroes, readers: Second Lieutenant Yeiki Kobashigawa, US Army: Medal of Honor Series On June 2, 1944, Yeiki Kobashigawa, 100th Infantry Battalion, led an incredible attack on the Germans in Italy. Fifty-six years later, he received the Medal of Honor for this action. June 2, 2021 Yeiki Kobashigawa was born… Continue reading Honor on the Battlefield

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From Ireland to Japan: “Let there be light!”

“Blessed are you when they persecute you, and hate you, for My sake.” We were never promised an easy life by Our Lord. It’s natural enough to want it, to ask for it, and to be unhappy about not having it. But I think we too often forget this warning delivered at the end of… Continue reading From Ireland to Japan: “Let there be light!”

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Compare and Contrast: Manga vs. American Comics

American comics are largely in the tank – with a few notable exceptions such as these items here*, here*, here,* and here*. Manga is making a killing in the market because of this, outselling American comics by the veritable ton. Given the Japanese writers’ commitment to storycraft, that’s not surprising. Does this mean the comic… Continue reading Compare and Contrast: Manga vs. American Comics

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“I’ll Be Back….”

And it turns out, he was. Click the link to learn more, readers! Japanese student writes to Arnold Schwarzenegger for English class, gets awesome reply in return Oona McGee May 12, 2021 As an Austrian-born American, Arnie knows what it’s like to step out of your comfort zone when learning English as a second-language. When… Continue reading “I’ll Be Back….”

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“Go, Speed Racer, GO!”

No, the title for this post was not entirely my idea, readers. And while it is a reference to the popular 1960s’ anime series Speed Racer*, that allusion came straight from Lockheed, the creator of the drone described in the article linked herein. It is, apparently, quite fast! However, looking at the photograph makes me… Continue reading “Go, Speed Racer, GO!”


Review – Dungeon Samurai Vol. 1: Kamikaze (An Anti-LitRPG Dungeon Crawl) by Kit Sun Cheah

Here we have another review of a work produced by author Kai Wai Cheah (who also uses the name Benjamin Cheah and Kit Sun Cheah). Dungeon Samurai Vol. 1: Kamikaze* comes from the creator of Amp, a superhero in Silver Empire’s Heroes’ Unleashed* universe. It is also a fascinating new look at the isekai genre.… Continue reading Review – Dungeon Samurai Vol. 1: Kamikaze (An Anti-LitRPG Dungeon Crawl) by Kit Sun Cheah

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A Winged Hussar in the Land of the Rising Sun

The Sabaton reference was too good to pass up, readers! Though Brother Zenon was not a member of the Polish military, he was a member of St. Maximilian Kolbe’s order and helped to print their monthly magazine, “Knight of the Immaculate.” His heroic love for his adopted people following the bombing of Nagasaki has not… Continue reading A Winged Hussar in the Land of the Rising Sun

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Exotic Cuisine in…Tokyo?

Nope, this isn’t sushi, readers. The dishes described in this fascinating article are all from the Ainu tradition. An ethnic minority in Japan, the Ainu’s history is long and storied. But they are generally not well-received by other denizens in the Land of the Rising Sun. There are efforts being made to improve the Ainu… Continue reading Exotic Cuisine in…Tokyo?

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A Lesson from the Orient

One that should help you write that fight scene you have been wrestling with, future authors! Take a look at this demonstration on how to disarm a sword-wielding opponent with nothing but a rope – ninja style! Ninja Rope Fighting Technique - Rope vs Sword https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4meBZnP2c8