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Remembering the B-29

Click the link to learn more, readers! How the B-29 Modernized the U.S. Air Force The bomber that ended WWII also paved the way for a more modern U.S. Air Force.   BY ALEX HOLLINGS PUBLISHED: OCT 21, 2022 On February 18, 1943, with World War II raging in Europe and Asia, a hulking structure rolled onto the tarmac… Continue reading Remembering the B-29

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Spooky Stone, Split in Two…

This happened March of last year, readers. Uh. Oops…. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/07/japans-killing-stone-splits-in-two-releasing-superstitions-and-toxic-gases Japan’s ‘killing stone’ splits in two, releasing superstitions amid the sulphur springs Legend has it there is an evil spirit trapped in the Sessho-seki stone, so what happens now that the stone is broken? Justin McCurry in Tokyo Mon 7 Mar 2022 00.59 EST Predictions of… Continue reading Spooky Stone, Split in Two…

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Pirates-turned-Coast Guard

Take a look at this fascinating piece on Japanese history, readers! The legendary Murakami Kaizoku: Good guy pirates of the Seto Inland Sea Mar. 25, 2020  06:30 am JST   By Vicki L Beyer Japan’s Seto Inland Sea is the body of water that separates the island of Shikoku from the island of Honshu. It is dotted with… Continue reading Pirates-turned-Coast Guard

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The Kamikaze that Brought a Saint

An interesting piece, readers. Check it out! St. Francis Xavier and the Divine Wind That Brought Christ to Japan August 27, 2022 Thus began the reign of Christ in Japan, carried on the wings of his own almighty wind. Luke O’Hara August 17, 2022 “There is only one God, the Creator of heaven and earth,… Continue reading The Kamikaze that Brought a Saint

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Forgotten Chaplains

Click the link to learn more, readers: Remembering three chaplains/POWs of WWII Jul 18, 2021 We are all familiar with the Four Chaplains who lost their lives that others may live when USAT Dorchester in WWII was sunk. Also we are familiar with Medal of Honor recipients Chaplain Emil Kapann, Korea, and Chaplain Vincent Capodanno… Continue reading Forgotten Chaplains

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Talk about close calls, readers! Click the link to learn more – and be careful when you find something metal in your backyard. It might just be explosive! A Working Japanese World War II Bomb Was Found in Missouri By Peter Suciu May 12, 2021 It was onboard the USS Missouri (BB-63) that the Empire… Continue reading Yikes!

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Forgiveness and Honor

“Forgive but do not forget” can have two meanings, readers. It can mean you forgive someone who hurt you while realizing they may never not want to hurt you again in the future. It can also mean, however, that you will never forget how your former enemy became your friend. Brookings, Oregon, fits into the… Continue reading Forgiveness and Honor

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The Eastern Ace

Click the link below to read the rest of this intriguing story, readers! From Zero to Hero- Saburō Sakai-The Samurai of the Skies Feb 26, 2019 Billy Moncure, Guest Author With over 60 victories and over 20 confirmed kills, Saburō Sakai was a legend among Japanese pilots. Not only was his record of victories remarkable,… Continue reading The Eastern Ace


Bulletin: A Return to the Superversive Livestream!

Yesterday I joined Anthony Marchetta on the Superversive Livestream to discuss anime, the Pulp Revolution, and the pulp tales of yore. We spoke about many other topics as well. It was a fun two hours, readers! There were some technical difficulties with the stream, and we went silent or at least too low to hear… Continue reading Bulletin: A Return to the Superversive Livestream!

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He Saw Years of War….

I think the title says it all. Click the link to learn more, readers: ‘Those are Japanese planes!’ By John Raughter NOV 20, 2020 A rising sun was the first sign to Sterling R. Cale that something was off. But rather than the sun, it was Mars, the god of war, that became his uninvited and… Continue reading He Saw Years of War….