Review: The Joyous Season, A Play by Philip Barry

I am not at all sure where to start with this review, readers. The story here is an older one – it was first published and performed in New York City on January 29, 1934. As you can see, despite the title, it missed the holiday on which it was set by a couple of… Continue reading Review: The Joyous Season, A Play by Philip Barry

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From Ireland to Japan: “Let there be light!”

“Blessed are you when they persecute you, and hate you, for My sake.” We were never promised an easy life by Our Lord. It’s natural enough to want it, to ask for it, and to be unhappy about not having it. But I think we too often forget this warning delivered at the end of… Continue reading From Ireland to Japan: “Let there be light!”

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Melodies from Miracle of Sound

Okay, so I am a little late to the Miracle of Sound fandom. What can I say? I found him now. Better late than never! If you, too, have not heard of this musician, then click the videos below. These are tunes sure to encourage, entertain, and uplift every viewer at least once. I have… Continue reading Melodies from Miracle of Sound

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“For all Their Wars Are Merry….”

“…And all their songs are sad.” So wrote G.K. Chesterton* in his epic poem The Ballad of the White Horse.* And while he was not wrong – we Gaels do love a good scrap – he did leave out the fact that we have quite a few party songs we can play when the mood… Continue reading “For all Their Wars Are Merry….”

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Window into History

Well, this is a neat idea! During construction of a store in Dublin, Ireland, several fascinating articles were discovered. Rather than excavate these items and send them to a museum, the store built a window in the floor so shoppers can look on these relics of the past while shopping for the necessities of life.… Continue reading Window into History

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When Playing Hooky Has Its Benefits

Learn more through the link, readers: Irish Boy Ditches Homework to go Play – Finds 4,000-yr-old Longboat Jul 4, 2020 Ian Harvey An ancient longboat has been discovered by a lucky Irish boy who was out playing instead of hitting the books. The saying goes that everything which is lost eventually gets found, but sometimes… Continue reading When Playing Hooky Has Its Benefits