“To Be Loved by the Audience”

While researching an anime series she has come to enjoy titled Kabaneri no Koutetsujou (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress), this author was introduced to an important interview with the show’s creator. Araki Tetsuro, who worked on landmark series such as Death Note, was interviewed by Sugoi Japan about his new series in 2017. He began … Continue reading “To Be Loved by the Audience”

A Word on Fiction from Dean Koontz

“I think you’re born to tell stories, Bibi [Blair]. That’s a wonderful thing. I’ve read more truth in fiction than in nonfiction, partly because fiction can deal with the numinous, and nonfiction rarely does. The human heart and spirit. The unknown. The unknowable. Storytelling can heal broken hearts and damaged minds. As a writer, Bibi, … Continue reading A Word on Fiction from Dean Koontz

Quitting on the Desire to Live

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGCMeI-5-ss While enjoying the above song from Skillet, this author was struck by a sudden revelation about modern fiction. There is an item missing from it that once was pronounced throughout myriad genres, especially sci-fi and fantasy. What is this absent thing? Only the most important ingredient of all, the one without which man cannot … Continue reading Quitting on the Desire to Live