Dancing Lights

Check out these amazing photographs of Light Pillars taken by an Ontario resident in 2017, readers: North Bay man captures incredible images of light pillars dancing in the sky By Jenna Wootton Updated: September 7, 2017 When a northern Ontario man recently woke to his two-year-old crying, he wasn’t expecting to witness a new natural … Continue reading Dancing Lights

Fighter Jet…For Sale?!

Nope, this title is no joke! For $8.5 million, you can buy your very own F-16 fighter jet. Though I think the F-14 Tomcat and the F-4 Phantom II are prettier, this plane is certainly a beauty. Go to Popular Mechanics to learn more, readers! So...Can You Actually Buy an Old Warplane? By Kyle Mizokami Aug … Continue reading Fighter Jet…For Sale?!

An Icy Find

Take a look at this strange creature discovered below the Antarctic: Antarctica scientists find bizarre creature 3,500m under ice: ‘Like nothing seen before' ANTARCTICA scientists made a stunning discovery 3,500 metres below the ice, leading one to state they had "never seen anything like this before," a documentary revealed. By CALLUM HOARE PUBLISHED: 05:01, Tue, Sep 10, 2019 | UPDATED: 08:03, Tue, Sep … Continue reading An Icy Find

“Sir, There Seems to Be Something On Scanners….”

I do not know about you, readers, but one of the things I wanted most out of the Star Trek universe was a tricorder. Who wouldn’t want a gizmo that could detect lifesigns, specific minerals, or structures from a distance? It could save time and lives. That’s a pretty cool tool. Scientists are working on … Continue reading “Sir, There Seems to Be Something On Scanners….”