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Yogurt, Humanity, and Conversion

Now this is a fun piece, readers. Check it out! How putting yogurt in a bowl led to faith Reverend Alex Wyvill - published on 05/03/23 "Every day, actually, for a few weeks. I grabbed a napkin, set the table, and ate my yogurt like a human being." One of my dearest friends from college was both… Continue reading Yogurt, Humanity, and Conversion

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A Passionate Statement

Worth remembering and reading: The Passion And The Arts the primary purpose of the arts, like all human activity, is to draw people closer to God. Have you ever wondered why we use the word “passion” to describe the suffering that Jesus went through? After all when we say we are passionate about something we… Continue reading A Passionate Statement

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Virtues – Human and Theological

A good piece, readers! The Higher Gifts- Why These Virtues Are Theological By Mary Ennis Meo 22 March AD 2023 How often it is that teachers learn as much from the lesson as the students do? Preparing for RCIA class last month, I read over the section on virtue in the students’ textbook. There they… Continue reading Virtues – Human and Theological

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A Word on Predestination

Worth the read. Check it out! Predestination and How Sanctifying Grace Justifies Us By Gene Van Son 12 January AD 2023 The idea that we are all predestined to heaven or hell when we die is rather disconcerting.  However, all Christians (and Muslims, too) agree that our souls will end up in one of those two… Continue reading A Word on Predestination

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Butterflies and Revelations

An excellent consideration, readers: Some Monarchs Did Not Get The Memo To Go To Mexico ByIda Adams 4 January AD 2023 I wanted to give a short-fun-filled life to those that stayed I’ve subsequently decided I’m unhinged, a candidate for the funny farm. It’s not as if I didn’t know what I was getting into.… Continue reading Butterflies and Revelations

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“I Pledge Allegiance…”

One of my favorite pieces of literature is Edward Everett Hale’s short story, The Man Without a Country. You can find and download it from Project Gutenberg here, and I highly recommend it. Caught up in Aaron Burr’s plot to take control of the United States, the protagonist – Philip Nolan – is tried as… Continue reading “I Pledge Allegiance…”

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Nice Guys Finish Last? Depends on One’s Definition of “Nice”

We have discussed Nice Girls, but what about Nice Guys? The standard response to that is: “Yeah, well, you know where Nice Guys finish – last.” Depending on the definition of “nice” in use, this can be quite true. But as with Nice Girls, Nice Guys do not all follow the perceived pattern of “nice”… Continue reading Nice Guys Finish Last? Depends on One’s Definition of “Nice”

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A welcome reminder from Mr. John C. Wright! The Leaf of Happiness WARNING! Spoilers below the link.  In her Newberry-Award winning children’s book WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON, Grace Lin reports the old Chinese fairy tale concerning the Leaf of Happiness. Once, long ago, a family grew famous for their happiness: uncles, cousins and… Continue reading Gratitude

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Contemplation for Holy Thursday

A good reminder, readers: Awkward: A Holy Thursday Reflection MARCH 28, 2021 GRACE ABRUZZO This year, our Holy Thursday liturgy will be missing a familiar component—the Washing of the Feet. A small if unholy part of me is somewhat relieved. The liturgy is long enough. Surely we’ve sanitized sufficiently this year! And quite frankly, I… Continue reading Contemplation for Holy Thursday