Reposted: 2 Skills You Can Learn From Writing in a Different Genre

Take a look at this interesting piece from Story Embers, readers! 2 SKILLS YOU CAN LEARN FROM WRITING IN A DIFFERENT GENRE January 9, 2023 Allison Raymond Everyone has favorite genres that they fill shelf after shelf and hour after hour with. One of mine is contemporary fantasy. Yours might be romance and historical fiction. … Continue reading Reposted: 2 Skills You Can Learn From Writing in a Different Genre

Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Last week we discussed love among characters. This ranged from brotherly love (philia), or the affection between friends who are or can be as close as brothers, to romantic love. I was not able to express all my thoughts on romantic pairings last week and thus this post will contain those ideas. Previously, we discussed … Continue reading Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Reposted: Chasing Tropes

Check out this great article by Kit Sun Cheah, readers: Chasing Tropes People enjoy the exotic, but not too exotic. People enjoy the familiar, but not too familiar. Reconciling these twin desires is the overriding concern of the modern-day fiction writer. A story where everything is formulaic, from characters to plots to setting, is predictable and boring. A story … Continue reading Reposted: Chasing Tropes