A Treasured Discovery

This is amazing, readers! A fossilized dinosaur embryo was recently discovered in China. It is one of the most complete specimens on record, a wonder in its own right, and the posture the little dinosaur adopted is interesting. Learn more about this cool fin through the link below, readers: Exquisitely Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Found Inside … Continue reading A Treasured Discovery

Glass Beads Found in…Fossilized Clams?

Click the link to learn more, readers: Mysterious Glass Beads in Clams Point to Ancient Meteorite Strike Near Florida Meteorite, Researches 6:46 PM Glass beads were found inside fossil clams in a Florida quarry, and researchers believe that they're the first particle evidence of ancient meteorite strikes in the area. Researchers picking through the contents of fossil … Continue reading Glass Beads Found in…Fossilized Clams?

Don’t Beam this Specimen Up, Scotty!

The largest dinosaur fossil ever discovered was found in Saskatchewan, Canada, 1991. Known as “Scotty,” this T-Rex is huge – forty-two feet long! Battle scars on its bones attest to a life of hard fighting. Check out the link below to learn more, readers! The Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex Ever Discovered dinosaur, extinction 7:17 PM Paleontologists have discovered … Continue reading Don’t Beam this Specimen Up, Scotty!

Monster Trilobite

Check out this fascinating specimen, readers: Giant Trilobite Fossil Found on Australia extinction, Fossils 7:04 PM Paleontologists have unearthed fossils of a giant trilobite species that inhabited Australian waters approximately 500 million years ago (Cambrian period). Fossils of a giant new species from the long-extinct group of sea creatures called trilobites have been found on Kangaroo Island, … Continue reading Monster Trilobite